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These are unprecedented times.  We at Prospect will continue to care for you and your child as we always have over the years, we are just changing the procedures in which we do this over the next few weeks of this epidemic.  Please take a few minutes to read through this so you know how to contact us and get the care you need.  We wlll continue to be sure you get the RIGHT CARE, IN THE RIGHT PLACE, AT THE RIGHT TIME by CALLING US FIRST.


1.Call us before coming into the office.  We will always be available, and are routing you differently in the office to minimize you and your child’s exposure to anyone who might be sick.  If you have a well check, medication check or immunization only appointment—you will pull behind the office into the back parking lot.  We have a sign on the double metal doors for “Prospect Pediatrics Well Check Entrance”.  We are using the CurbSide feature in our EMR so you can notify us of your arrival.  Follow the instructions on the text you receive.  Once it states, “wait for further instructions”, if you do NOT SEE US IN FIVE MINUTES, please call the office at 502-228-1312 to let us know you have arrived.  We encourage you to keep your well check visits at this time, especially the younger babies who need their vaccinations as those remain important for their protection.


2.If you are sick, CALL US FIRST.  This COVID-19 infection is a viral infection similar to flu, but worse depending on your age and pre-existing health conditions.  We currently have no treatment for COVID.  Current recommendations are symptom care and staying at home unless you are sick enough to require hospitalization. We realize this is a scary time, and you will want to have your child seen.  We will be available by phone and telemedicine to see you and your child and decide what the next best step would be for you to receive treatment.  If you need to be seen, one of our doctors will be in the office daily from 8:30am to 5pm, same as always to care for you and your child.  If we are unsure what your best option might be, and to minimize exposure to you and our staff, we may elect to first see you via telemedicine and then decide the best route to see you—either in the office or simply via telemedicine.  WE DO HAVE TESTING AVAILABLE FOR COVID should you need it.  We have rapid testing which is less accurate if needed, but we prefer the PCR testing which is more accurate and we send those labs out and get results in 24-36 hours generally unless it is on the weekend.  These recommendations for treatment and triage are changing daily from the Infectious Disease physicians at Children’s Hospital, and I will use Facebook to update you all as these change.


3.For medication checks(ADD,Anxiety, Depression medications)  we would encourage you to utilize the Telemedicine capabilities of our office now, and we will continue this once all this settles down.  We anticipate every other med check being done via telemedicine in the future, where you would have to be in the office only every 6m to be weighed and check your blood pressure, and the visit between we can do via the app from where you are.


4.Our physicians and staff will be wearing masks in the office from this point forward.  If you are being seen in the office for fever and cough, you will be placed  in a mask once you enter the front door.  This is for your protection and ours during this time.  This will hopefully allow us to “stay well” and continue to care for you and your family.  If you have access to any medical masks, needless to say, there is a shortage, and we are not expecting any to magically appear at this point.  Our allotment from the Federal Government Emergency Stash was 30 masks, yep, just 30.  If you have access to any, we will gladly accept them during this time.


5.Our webpage will be update in the next few hours with all the information you will need for telemedicine.  I will have all the information on our Facebook page as well later today.  Telemedicine has been OK’ed by insurance companies during this time.  Telemedicine visits will be billed just like regular visits, and if we feel you need to be seen in person, rather than just telemedicine, your visit will just roll over to a regular visit just as before, you WILL NOT BE CHARGED TWICE.


This is a trying time for all of our families, we will continue to be here to walk you and your child through this time.


Follow us on Facebook for more timely updates, because I can update that in a few minutes, the webpage will take too long to update.


Dr Hynes, Dr McKenna and Dr Biddle as well as all of our phenomenal staff of Prospect Pediatrics


Thank you,

Walk-in clinic: Mon. - Fri. 7:30am to 8:30am • for episodic illness only • Must sign in by 8:30am

Walk-In Clinic on hold during COVID

Now offering Telemedicine, and will return to walk in after the pandemic ends

Prospect Pediatrics is a division of ONE Pediatrics, PLLC, which is an organization comprised of several highly esteemed practices in the Kentuckiana region who have combined resources in order to provide the highest quality yet most cost-efficient care to our patients. We offer all the advantages of a large medical group, but maintain the personal touch and devotion only smaller practices can uphold.


We are excited to announce that Prospect Pediatrics has been nationally recognized as a Level 3 Patient Center Medical Home! Along with our sister practices at ONE Pediatrics, we are one of the first Pediatric practices in the Louisville area to reach a Level 3. What does this mean to you as a parent and patient?


Our physicians are recognized as a resource for all of your child's medical care needs. We have always, with a team approach, strived to be the BEST practice in putting your child's health care needs first by supporting family values and showing compassionate care. We now have the seal to prove it. We'd like to give a special thank you to our Office Managar Cheryl Sidebottom, Dr. Pamela Biddle and Dr. Terrence McKenna for their hard work in implementing this program. We welcome you to be part of our "home" here at Prospect Pediatrics!

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